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For people that have never danced salsa before.  This is a small group where we help you become familiar with basic footwork before moving on to the Level 1 class!



This is a beginners class but is also useful for the more experienced as you will learn about the culture & different styles of salsa! You will learn the moves and turns that make up the foundation of salsa dancing. Ladies learn the signpost and how to follow, men learn how to indicate and lead.



Once you have the basics sorted, its time to put them together, add a dash of style and mix in some more complex moves. You will feel that this is where you really learn to dance and develop your confidence!



Here we explore more complex turn patterns and footwork. Men learn how to make them work and ladies gain an insight into following these more complex leads.  You should be comfortable leading or following double spins and basic travelling turns.



The X Salsa team have a strong background in dance, the music and styles of salsa and how to teach you these. The teachers originate from the continents of Europe, Asia and South America!  Salsa is the core of our teaching but you will also learn other styles including the stylish cha cha, the sensual bachata, the fun merengue and the crazy reggaeton!


So come and join us, we guarantee you'll have a fantastic time!



Classes: Adult £6 One Class £7 two classes, N.U.S.& Cons £4

After 9.15 pm Club Dance only £3!!! inclusive with lesssons

Special Guest teacher nights may be extra *





As you may know we encourage new people to learn the pleasures of Salsa Dancing. So great news to start you into the Salsa world, or a great present.


Ask about our Beginners Passport, 6 sessions for a bargain £20.


Yes , only £20 for 6 lessons, and up to 24 hours of dancing ( if you have the energy,) that's less than a pound an hour!


ONLY £20!

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