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Jovita Si

I would like to recommend Salsa and Bachata classes with Sam and Natalie in Durham. They are wonderful teachers. I had very good time learning Salsa and Bachata with them. Their classes are very enjoyable, you always have fun and good mood while you are learning. Thank you for teaching me! I will never stop dancing  It makes life better. If you fancy to learn dancing please join Sam and Natalie (Samalie).

1 November 2018


Maria Magdalina - Cires

Just came back after my first class and I highly recommend them! They make you feel welcome and everyone is so nice and friendly!! If you want to relax and dance definitely come along. What a great night!

Aug 2018


Sophie Peerenboom  Here's my review:

Great venues, good teachers, good music and a lot of lovely people to dance with! Beginner or more experienced? No problem at all, there's something for everyone. What more do you want..?


Margaret May - July 2014

We always enjoy going to X Salsa. We often go to both The Oak and The Ship which gives us a lovely opportunity to dance, spend time with our friends and make new friends too. We also enjoy going to Saturday party nights.


Natalie Robinson -July 2014

Tuesday nights with Xsalsa in The John Duck, Durham City are always fantastic; lots of fun, lovely people and great teachers. It is a great night out with two classes and then social dancing afterwards. I would recommend it to everyone from new starters to more experienced dancers


Fe Robinson

I've been going to X Salsa's Tuesday nights in Durham for 5 weeks, and can't believe how quickly I'm learning. While classes are quite fast paced at times, Sam is a really patient teacher when you're finding it tough. Emma's just gorgeous to watch dancing, I really enjoy what she brings to lessons. I've been touched by how kind the more experienced dancers are, it feels like I've joined a warm and generous community. I highly recommend X Salsa to learn Salsa, to enjoy some social dancing, and to meet some really lovely people.


Bernie Beckham

A life changing experience learning salsa by the best. Met some fantastic people n made great friends .Once youve tried it you will be hooked too...The Ship is a great venue to get you going...oh n the music is fabulous.


Dawn Gilchrist

Fab night at the oak and great to see all doing their thing in the competition - thanks Sam and mark for the lessons and looking forward to next week


marky_mark_007 ‎ -

"In the mood" for Salsa I've been to few different Salsa venues around the North East and this place has to be one of the best. Don't need a partner with you and there's a great fun atmosphere. They play some cracking music and the lessons are good as well -> since i've been going i've learnt a hell of a lot! It's billed as the "friendliest place in the North East for Salsa" and i can see why.


salsero‎ -

in d mood for salsa... i've tried all different venues in Newcastle, and this place is surely one of the best...great atmosphere. They've always made me feel wellcome. Great thing is that you dont need to take a partner and no matter wat level of salsa u r at u'll learn som new moves. defo worth a shot..


Isabelle ‎ - 25 Aug 2010

In the Mood for fun!! This salsa venue is one of the best and most welcoming place in the area: good teachers, good music, very good dancers, but above all, a fantastic atmosphere! Go overthere you will soon feel addicted to this place and to its people! Not to miss, trust me!!

googleuser- 23 Aug 2010


Latin action! One of the best places for salsa in the North East...! Why? Staff and teachers are very friendy and supportive. Great music and frequently they hold parties which are great with fruit buffets and bubbly! Great party atmosphere! Well worth giving it a go!! If you are a beginner don't fear this is the best place you can start to learn!


Ladyinred84 ‎ - 20 Aug 2010

I'm in the Mood are you?? With a kaleidoscope of salseros I'm loving the a-mazing atmosphere at Mood. Its definitely the friendliest place to dance salsa in Newcastle! Look out for the Afro cubano salsa night! Don't miss it! Best saturday salsa night! Dancing til 4am!


chris ‎ - 21 Aug 2010

Salsa at MOOD Don't miss it!!! A friendly welcome, fab lessons and some hot salsa tunes. Don't sit at home, make your way to MOOD bar for a top latino night. Learn some hot salsa and bachata, all levels. See you there!!!








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